Danger of using a compressor when changing engine oil

Danger of using a compressor when changing engine oil

Danger of using a compressor when changing engine oil – All vehicle owners already know the magic to always change engine oil according to distance or time. Considered as a matter of course, vehicle owners can do it themselves or use the services of a non-official workshop.

However, not a few oil changes in non-official workshops are done in an inappropriate way, namely using wind pressure from the compressor. This method is indeed effective in removing the remaining oil from the engine room, but there are consequences that must be borne if this technique is often done.

As reported by Suzuki on Monday (6/10/2019), the technique of draining oil with a compressor has high risk side effects. Air or high pressure wind when sprayed into the engine room may contain steam which can turn into water droplets at certain temperatures.

Steam usually comes from an unknown compressor tube because it is generally not visible. If steam becomes water, even if only a little will be dangerous because water and oil will not blend.

The effect is quite a lot, what is feared is causing the engine to break down.

Check in the Official Workshop

Not only steam, the wind pressure on the compressor also risks removing dirt that has been filtered in the oil filter. The average type of dirt in the machine is in the form of particles that are small in size. If sprayed with dirt, it can actually come back loose and eventually stick to the sidelines of the engine components.

Seeing the explanation above, start from now, always check periodically at official workshops. Use a trusted workshop that understands the correct maintenance and repair of vehicles with the right techniques, including when changing vehicle oil.

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