How to easily distinguish between two types of Lambretta

How to easily distinguish between two types of Lambretta

How to easily distinguish between two types of Lambretta – The legendary brand Lambretta once again enlivened the national two-wheel market under the auspices of PT Skuter Motor Indonesia (SMI). There are two types that are displayed, the Lambretta V200 and V125.

In terms of engine capacity, both are clearly different. Lambretta V200 carries a 169 cc one-cylinder, 4-stroke and air conditioning engine.

This machine has a compression ratio of 10.2: 1. With the injection model fuel distribution system, the power is whipped 11.8 Tk at 8,000 rpm. And the peak torque generated is 12.2 Nm at 5,500 rpm.

While the V125 is immersed in a single cylinder engine, 3-valve, 124.7 cc liquid cooled. The maximum power that can be produced is 10 Tk at 8,500 rpm and 9.2 Nm of torque is 7,000 rpm.

While in terms of appearance, both are exactly the same. But there are ways to distinguish the two in plain view. How to?

“It’s easy from the rim color. Black is definitely a V125, if the V200 is silver. Then from the brakes, V200 is ABS and V125 is still CBS,” explained Marketing Manager SMI Adrian Donny recently at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

“Then seen from the shock, the V200 uses double shock. While the V125 is still single shock,” he added.

In terms of color, they are also different. V200 which has a price of USD 3,750 has three colors, including black high gloss, white high gloss, and red high gloss.

While the V125 for USD 3,179 also has 3 color choices, namely orange super gloss, blue mint super gloss, and gray super gloss.

For your information, Lambretta provides special edition helmets during the 2019 IIMS event

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