How to hold the correct handlebars many are still wrong

How to hold the correct handlebars many are still wrong

How to hold the correct handlebars many are still wrong – Based on data on vehicle sales in Indonesia, the population of motorbikes is far more than cars. This is not surprising, considering that motorcycles are more effective and efficient for everyday use.

Unfortunately, until now there are still many who do not understand, how to ride a good and right motorcycle. They generally apply the habit of riding a paddle bike, even though it’s clearly different speeds.

One of the habits of motorcyclists who have been wrong, but many are done, is how to hold the handlebars. Many people put a few fingers on the front brake lever, while the other finger is used to rotate the gas lever.

According to the management division of the Honda Safety Riding Association in Jakarta, Agung Firman, this method is totally untrue. Because, it can cause danger.

“That’s wrong, because a few fingers on the brake lever will produce reflex braking, and can cause motor control to disappear,” he was quoted from 100kpj, Thursday 9 May 2019.

The way to hold the correct handlebars, he said, is to hold the rubber handlebars with the entire finger. “More precisely, hands clenched in the handgrip or handlebars,” he said.

Agung explained, in that way, the driver would be able to better control the direction of the motorbike, without worrying about his loose grip. Especially, when passing on a hollow road.

“If you want to brake, close the gas first and then brake, use four fingers,” he explained.

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