Kawasaki Patents Electric Ninja Technology

Kawasaki Patents Electric Ninja Technology

Kawasaki Patents Electric Ninja Technology – Japanese automotive manufacturer Kawasaki officially filed a patent for a Ninja-based electric motorcycle. Using a battery that can be exchanged, the image reveals the system settings for the vehicle to become a patent.

As reported by Motorbeam, Thursday (04/18/2019), tubular frames are seen in the electric motor. Not only that, there is also a removable frame so that access to the battery compartment will be easier.

In addition, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki have collaborated to develop exchangeable battery technology and charging standards for electric motorbikes.

This shows the direction of the development of two-wheeled electric vehicles from the four giant Japanese companies.

The battery that can be removed and exchanged is claimed to be very important for electric vehicles, because the charging time needed to fully charge the power is long enough.

Kawasaki Patents Electric Ninja Technology-01

This solution also allows people to tour long distances by simply exchanging batteries.

Kawasaki’s new swappable battery system looks like an electric motorcycle battery in general. The green gang company seems to have also developed a battery rack.

Very new, the patent image is likely to still have to wait before it is actually launched.

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