Modified Jaguar F Pace Car to Look Cool

Modified Jaguar F Pace Car to Look Cool

Modified Jaguar F Pace Car to Look Cool – When viewed from the reason, there are two types of vehicle modifications. First, it is made to resemble other dream vehicles. Meanwhile, the second type is trying to look different.

For the first type, generally changes are made in such a way as not to get out of the standard. In contrast to the second type, the more strange the more it attracts attention.

The second method was tried to be applied to a Jaguar F-Pace car. The British-made luxury car was completely overhauled, especially the rim.

Reporting from Carscoops, Tuesday, April 9, 2019, the owner of this wealthy F-Pace tried to maximize the eccentric appearance of his car, by installing a 32-inch rim.

Installing large sized wheels, clearly can steal the attention when the car runs. However, this is not an easy matter. Look, the rear fender is redesigned, and the car’s ground clearance is higher than the factory standard.

Not only is the large diameter rim, the standard color of the car is also replaced. The recorded image uploaded to Youtube shows, the red color of the car is replaced with bright green.

Other parts that are also overhauled are the cabin. Image footage shows, Jaguar F-Pace is far from the standard word, because it is coated in black and red skin. Not only that, there are several large speakers in the car cabin.

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