Six Tips for Caring for Your Favorite Injection Motorbike

Six Tips for Caring for Your Favorite Injection Motorbike

Six Tips for Caring for Your Favorite Injection Motorbike – Technology in motorcycles is growing more rapidly now. Almost all the latest motorbikes in Indonesia have brought injection technology. With this system, motorbikes are believed to be more economical and easier in terms of care.

This is because in the combustion engine, it has been controlled more precisely between mixing fuel and air, as well as in terms of proportions and others.

It’s just that not a few of the motorbike users themselves feel lazy to do maintenance. Including caring for the motorbike with the injection system, because they feel preoccupied with daily activities.

Of course this is not justified, given the condition of the motorbike must be checked periodically to ensure its performance remains excellent.

Well, because this time there are six precise tips given in treating injection motorbikes, here’s how:

1. Using Fuel with High Octane

Using fuel with 90 octane and above is one of the simplest ways to treat injection motors.

The use of high-octane fuel can improve combustion in a motor engine. Do not occasionally use low-quality fuel because it can trigger damage to engine components.

2. Change Oil Periodically

Changing oil regularly is also an important thing that should not be missed on injection motor treatments. Make oil changes every two months or when the motorbike has traveled 1,000 km. Also avoid motor engines that lack lubrication (dry) because it will interfere with engine performance.

3. Check the condition of the battery

Do not just partner who is concerned, the condition of the motorcycle battery is also important to note.

Motors with injection technology are very dependent on the condition of the battery to start the engine on the combustion system. Well, if you have an injection motor, make sure to always check the condition of the motor battery.

4. Caring for the Spark Plug

Besides the battery, you also need to pay attention to the condition of the spark plug. Spark plugs are lighters that are important for the combustion process on the engine. Therefore, it is important to check the spark plug regularly to maximize combustion on the engine.

If the spark plug is damaged, the combustion process on the engine is not perfect so the engine is underpowered and the motor cannot turn on. Well, if the spark plug of the motor does not produce the maximum fire, you should replace it with a new one.

5. Check the ECU Condition

Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is the brain of the operation of injection systems in motors. The ECU regulates the entire injector unit, whether the fuel dose is sprayed or open the injector valve cap.

If the system is interrupted, the injector’s performance cannot run perfectly and make the motorbike strike. So, make sure to always pay attention to the condition of your motorized ECU so that the motor performance remains excellent.

6. Perform Periodic Service

Periodic servicing is a very important way to maintain the condition of the injection motorbike to be excellent, at least every three months. Try to do injection motorbike service in an official place with a predetermined standard.

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