Ten things that are prohibited from being left in the car

Ten things that are prohibited from being left in the car

Ten things that are prohibited from being left in the car – Leaving something important in the car while parking is not a good thing. Especially if the condition of the parking lot in the hot sun, the result can be dangerous.

Even when parking when the temperature reaches 22 degrees Celsius, it’s good to leave the car empty. because, the temperature in the cabin of the car can increase to 48 degrees Celsius in just one hour. Therefore, never leave these 10 things as quoted from Zing.

1. Children and Pets

Even in cold temperatures, leaving children or animals in a car can threaten their lives. In 2005, research conducted by Stanford University of Medicine (United States) showed that there were children who died even though the temperature was below 21 degrees Celsius. When the weather is hot, the temperature in the car can reach 70-80 degrees Celsius when the car stops, which is obviously very dangerous for people and even animals in the car.

2. Tablet medicine

At high temperatures, the effect of the drug will decrease. According to Dr. Minnesota Westberg of the Minnesota College of Pharmacy in the United States, the drug should be stored in a place where the temperature is between 20-25 degrees Celsius. When the weather is hot with high temperatures, many drugs can melt.

3. Drinking Bottles and Lunch Boxes

If you leave a plastic bottle filled with water and a plastic place to eat in a hot car, the toxins contained in plastic will seep into drinks or food. BPA chemicals can change hormones over time and increase the risk of endocrine disorders.

4. Gadgets

At high temperatures, the batteries of electronic devices can be significantly reduced, especially lithium-ion batteries. Apple also recommends that temperatures higher than 35 degrees Celsius significantly affect iPhone, iPad and MacBook batteries.

5. Sunscreen

On a hot day, many women don’t forget about sunscreens. Usually also leave it in the car. But high temperatures can reduce the effectiveness of sunsreen.

6. Wine or Beer

High temperatures are enemies of alcohol. Because, hot temperatures can reduce the alcohol content and even taste.

7. Chocolate

Chocolate can melt at temperatures above 26 degrees Celsius. That’s why if you keep chocolate or candy in a hot place, both foods can melt.

8. Crayons (Pastels)

Like chocolate, pastel does not hold high temperatures. At a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius the color will fade then at a temperature of 48 degrees Celsius it will melt. If you have children carrying crayons, don’t leave the dye behind in the car.

9. Wheel Tires

Tires can explode if left in a car with hot conditions. The New York Times said, the heat caused the air in the tire to expand, causing the tire to explode. High temperatures also weaken tire rubber.

10. Glasses

High temperatures can cause sunglasses to melt. At the same time reduce the sun’s protective effect from the glasses themselves.

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