The Fierce Competition of 2019 MotoGP Riders

The Fierce Competition of 2019 MotoGP Riders

The Fierce Competition of 2019 MotoGP Riders – 2019 MotoGP competition is increasingly fierce. In the next series in the Spanish MotoGP, Marc Marquez is predicted to be a winner, followed by Valentino Rossi and Alex Rins.

2019 MotoGP races have passed three series in Qatar, Argentina and the United States. The winners for each series are Andrea Dovizioso, Marquez, and Rins. While Rossi was only able to finish fifth in Qatar, and was runner up in the next two races.

The 2019 MotoGP standings put Dovizioso in first place with 54 points, followed by Rossi (51), Rins (49), and Marquez (45) — who failed to finish in the last race.

Furthermore, the Spanish MotoGP race at the Jerez Circuit will be held on May 5 2019. In that race, Suzuki rider Joan Mir predicts Marquez will win the race later, followed by Rossi and Rins.

“If I see Suzuki get on the podium, then I will be very happy. I think Marc, after his mistake in Austin, he wants to win again,” Mir explained to Marca in Madrid recently.

“I saw Valentino also very strong. I would say Marc was in first place, second was Valentino, and third was Rins,” Mir explained.

For his champion favorites, Mir said Marquez remains the most favorite to win 2019 MotoGP. Even so, he considered other riders to be strong enough to fight back.

“You know he [Marquez] will always be there. You know he will arrange competition and he is his favorite. The figure that must be defeated by all the riders, but I see the others are also strong,” continued the 2019 rookie MotoGP.

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