Tips for Caring for Car Backup Tires To Be Ready To Use

Tips for Caring for Car Backup Tires To Be Ready To Use

Tips for Caring for Car Backup Tires To Be Ready To Use – Every car produced today must have a spare tire. The goal is quite clear, so that it can be used during an emergency or the main tire is flat and leaking.

With this important function, this component should not be underestimated by car owners. Moreover, when the car is used during long trips, or when doing daily activities.

According to Suparman, Head of the Auto2000 Workshop Yos Sudarso, the car owner is obliged to maintain a spare tire so that his condition is always maintained. Thus, the tire will be ready for use whenever needed.

“Actually it is not difficult to take care of spare tires, just like the tires used. Most importantly, it keeps air pressure steady,” Suparman explained, as quoted from the official website of Auto2000, Tuesday (06/25/2019).

“After that, maintain the condition of the rubber, so if an emergency is needed the tire is ready to be used,” he said.

Not a few car owners, according to Suparman, are less concerned about the condition of the spare tire. There are even some who never cut down at all so that when they are used, conditions are not suitable for use.

This makes a spare tire like only parts of the accessory or complementary vehicle. Even though the function cannot be underestimated.

Once a month check the spare tire

It is important to know that many incidents due to spare tires that have been stored for too long make the quality of the rubber decrease, especially for tires stored under the trunk space due to the lack of air in the room.

Keep in mind, at least once a car owner sees the condition of a spare tire. To keep the rubber tire material well, you can also apply a moisturizer that is usually used for tire polish.

But if you want the maximum, it is recommended that tire owners rotate tire replacement involving a spare tire. That way, the tire wear rate between the back, front, left, right, and reserve will be evenly distributed.

“Rotation or tire change is good, especially for those with the same tire dimensions as the tires used,” he explained.

“The rotation will make rubber and tire components that have never been used can move, besides that the tire surface wear will also be evenly distributed,” he concluded.

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