Tips on caring for disc brakes on a motorcycle

Tips on caring for disc brakes on a motorcycle

Tips on caring for disc brakes on a motorcycle – Brakes are one of the important components in motorized vehicles because they are closely related to the safety and safety of drivers. Therefore, the braking system must always be in good condition when the vehicle is moving.

Currently there are various types of brakes, one of which is widely used is discs or disc brakes. For operation, many discs use a hydraulic brake system or operating the system by utilizing hydraulic pressure.

Therefore, there are a number of things that must be considered to treat discs on motorbikes in order to remain excellent. Generally, replacement of brake fluid is carried out every 2 (two) years or if it has reached a distance of 24,000 Kilometers.

“Although periodic replacement distances are long enough, it is strongly recommended to visually inspect the brake fluid condition in the brake master tank both in terms of quantity and quality,” said Ade Rohman, Assistant Manager of Technical Training at PT Daya Adicipta Motora (DAM) in his official statement On Monday (05/13/2019).

For quantity checks, vehicle owners can see the surface level of the brake fluid whether it has touched the lower marking or the lowest level.

Check Brake Canvas

If it has been touched, an inspection needs to be done to determine the condition of the pad set or brake lining that has begun to wear Aus. The more worn out the brake lining, the surface level of brake fluid will decrease.

If the brake lining has been replaced but the condition of the brake fluid is still lacking, then the brake master tank must be filled until the upper marking or upper level (maximum).

For quality checks of brake fluid, it can be seen from the color. The darker the color, the lesser the quality.

“For Honda motorbike users, use AHM Honda DOT-4 brake fluid which is genuine brake fluid issued by PT Astra Honda Motor. “This brake fluid is recommended for Honda motorbikes to be more able to withstand temperatures due to the braking heat,” Ade said.

If you feel there is an odd thing when braking, the vehicle owner should replace the brake master seal. Complaints that are usually expressed by consumers are brake handles that feel blunt when pressed or very hard but the vehicle does not decrease in speed.

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